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Top 10 Reasons for Coaches to Utilize MaxBP

Coaches around the country are preparing for a new decade with their athletes - it's an exciting time and the competition is tougher than ever. It's time to stay ahead of the game and implement...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Mental, Physical and Visual Training

Think about the instrumental part our mind, body and eyes play in our ability to perform a task - in everyday life. Our eyes communicate with the brain, which communicates with the body. Without...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Immune to the Injury Bug

Every year 1000's of athletes around the globe suffer various injuries that affect their ability to practice. This is an unfortunate truth about athletics, injuries do occur. However, with modern...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Cover the Needs of Multiple Athletes

Do you have athletes in your household who play a number of different sports? Baseball? Softball? Hockey? Lacrosse? Cricket? MaxBP Reaction Training works wonders for athletes participating in...

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Top 10 Reasons to Train with MaxBP

MaxBP Reaction Training is a next level training tool that has been around for the past decade, working wonders for thousands of athletes from youth, high school, college and all the way to Major...

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Misconception - Practice Makes Perfect

When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough to attend a few sports camps during the summer - football, basketball and baseball - most of which were held at Shasta College in Redding, California.

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Winter is Coming - Benefits of Indoor Training

Halloween has passed, the pumpkins have been smashed, and the weather has turned. Depending on one’s location, it’s tough to make progress during the winter months - Mother Nature holds no...

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Slump Buster - Focus on the Little Things

Many times a slump has nothing to do with a major mechanical flaw and more to do with a minute detail or lack of focus. A great way to regain that undivided attention is by challenging the eyes to...

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Develop a Soft, Fine Focus - Like Cosmo Kramer

The role the eyes play in hitting a baseball is instrumental to a player’s success. Athletes who embrace the concept of vision training and put in the necessary work, will discover that this drill...

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Vision Training, Part II - Modern Day Technology, Slow the Game Down and Ryan Harrison

Think about the instrumental part our eyes play in our ability to perform a task - in everyday life. Our eyes communicate with the brain, which communicates with the body. Without this ebb and...

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Vision Training, Part I - History and Pioneers

When I was growing up, the concept of vision training in athletics didn’t exist. In fact, the only ties I can remember between vision and athletics in those days were when Kareem Abdul Jabbar was...

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Pitch Recognition with MaxBP

The best hitters have the ability to recognize different pitches and deposit that pitch to their desired location. It all starts with having an idea at the plate and being disciplined enough to...

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Use Colored Balls for Vision Training

When practicing for a sport it is always important to apply a physical, mental and visual training regimen. One particular drill that covers all three bases is hitting with multi-color balls or as...

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Foul Play - Not Always a Bad Thing

There are many things about baseball that I really appreciate, and like most lifelong fans, quite a few of those things are of the smaller variety. Hitting the cutoff man, breaking up a double...

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Freedom to Swing at Everything

What if I told you about a drill that required a hitter to swing at absolutely everything and it didn’t matter if they made contact or not? Sounds a little unorthodox? Well consider what Hall of...

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Don't Be Afraid of a Little Gas

Former Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams once said, “You have to hit the fastball to play in the big leagues.” Considering that the Splendid Splinter is viewed by many to be the best overall...

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Vision Training off the Tee

Anyone who engages in an activity that requires a blunt instrument applying direct mechanical force to an object (cavemen included) suffers from the same temptation - you can't wait to see what...

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MaxBP featured on MLB Network with Sean Casey

Hear from former Major League hitter and MLB Network host Sean Casey (.302 career BA) on how visual training and small ball drills are crucial to getting the most out of your batting practice...

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How to Adjust the Eyes During an At-Bat

There are varying theories on where a batter should focus their eyes during an At-Bat. The hat. The jersey. Dead into the eyes of the pitcher. The truth of the matter is, it doesn't make as much...

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You Can't Hit What You Can't See

One of the most basic fundamentals taught to little league players is to "keep your eye on the ball." No matter the location or competition level of the athlete, you will find coaches and parents...

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The Best Remedy for the Injury Bug

Every year thousands of athletes around the world are hurt playing the sport they love. This is an unfortunate truth about athletics, injuries do occur. However, with modern day science and...

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MaxBP Drill of the Week: Track & Decide

MaxBP Reaction Training Drill – “Track & Decide”

In this video, Ryan Harrison with SlowTheGameDown demonstrates the value of using the MaxBP pitching machine for the “Track & Decide” training...

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MaxBP Drill Of The Week: Accuracy Tracking

MaxBP Reaction Training Drill – “Accuracy Tracking” [VIDEO]

Improved reaction timing is established with the use of the MaxBP pitching machine. It will improve overall hand-eye coordination as...

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Why Paul Phillips is a firm believer in MaxBP

Check out why former Major League player Paul Phillips believes in MaxBP's reaction training tools to coach his players to improve their cognitive and reaction skills. 

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