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Misconception - A Called Third Strike is a Wasted Opportunity

From little league players with little experience to big leaguers with thousands of at-bats under their belt, nobody likes to strike out. Taking the walk of shame back to the dugout, after failing...

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Mental Training, Part II - Video Study, Analytics and 10,000 Hours

In yesterday’s blog, “Mental Training, Part I - Confidence, Toughness and a Plan of Attack,” we discussed how having a strong mindset and an organized thought process is imperative to an athlete’s...

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Don't Reinvent the Wheel - Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn was the purest hitter of his generation. Perhaps ever. Gwynn was nearly impossible to strike out (434 K's in 10,000+ AB's) and he was immune to any kind of slump. His ability to hit the...

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