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Practice a Balanced Turn on the Tee

We’ve all witnessed a long, impressive foul ball, and although it may draw some “oohs and aahs” from the crowd, in the end - it’s nothing more than a loud strike. The more impressive feat is...

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Staged Tee Work for Stride Development

Yesterday in the “Staged Soft Toss for Stride Development” drill we discussed how the stride and swing are two separate parts of the hitting process. This is an important thing to consider because...

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Hammer Time Drill

There may not be a more rewarding feeling in all of sports, than hitting a ball on the sweet spot. That moment where the barrel of the bat connects squarely with the ball is so pristine - that you...

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Top Hand Batting Drill for "Dead Pull Hitters"

If a ballplayer is notorious for being a “dead-pull hitter” and is aiming to start using the entire field, this top hand batting drill is a great one. The objective of this exercise is to train...

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Vision Training off the Tee

Anyone who engages in an activity that requires a blunt instrument applying direct mechanical force to an object (cavemen included) suffers from the same temptation - you can't wait to see what...

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Incorporate Battleship Into Your Tee Work

Sometimes it's important to remember that baseball is a game. Sure it may be more intense than the board games we grew up playing (depending on the competitive nature of your family), but it's a...
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Precision Tee Work is Imperative

Nothing disappoints coaches more than seeing their athletes go through drills halfheartedly. But, the reality of the situation is that it happens. Coaches are always outnumbered by their players...
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MaxBP Drill of the Week: Inside Soft, Outside Tee

Description: This drill can be done in a cage if using a baseball. But, using a tee AND a MaxBP machine you have set up to target the inside pitch, as with so many great lessons that used to...

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