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Staged Soft Toss for Stride Development

It’s important for a hitter to remember that the stride and swing are two completely separate actions. These different aspects of the swing should be broken down accordingly. An effective drill to...

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Freedom to Swing at Everything

What if I told you about a drill that required a hitter to swing at absolutely everything and it didn’t matter if they made contact or not? Sounds a little unorthodox? Well consider what Hall of...

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MaxBP Drill of the Week - Measuring the Distance to the Plate

Coach Greg Layson shows us an easy way to measure the proper distance from the plate each hitter should stand. Where you stand gives you a different view of the strike zone and the proper distance...

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Evaluating the Strike Zone

This week both a bench coach and an MLB manager were ejected early in a game on an innocuous first pitch strike call that replay clearly showed was an obvious strike. In the first picture, you see...

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