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Why Should Parents Invest in MaxBP? Great Exercise

Do you feel like your kids are spending too much in front of the television? Are they always on their mobile phone? Is their tablet their most prized possession? In this day and age, it can be...

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Why Should Parents Invest in MaxBP? Protect Your Arm

Are you constantly out in the yard or down at the ballpark throwing batting practice to your kids? Do you have an athlete who can’t seem to get enough practice time and your having a difficult...

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Winter is Coming - Benefits of Indoor Training

Halloween has passed, the pumpkins have been smashed, and the weather has turned. Depending on one’s location, it’s tough to make progress during the winter months - Mother Nature holds no...

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Push-ups for Upper Body Strength and Conditioning

The push-up is quite possibly the oldest workout in the history of mankind. The most tried and true of upper body workouts. If you close your eyes, it’s easy to imagine some jacked caveman busting...

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Run Hills for Lower Body Strength and Conditioning

A workout that can be exercised without a gym membership, designated space or equipment is priceless. Just an athlete, their body and a commitment to excellence.

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Jump Rope for Agility and Coordination

A great way for an athlete to improve their stamina, balance and coordination is through jump rope training. No matter the sport, an individual with superior agility is a force to be reckoned with.

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Popeye’s Puppet for Strength and Conditioning

A great way for an individual to develop the forearm strength and conditioning that is beneficial for all athletic activity is the Popeye’s Puppet workout.

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Sledgehammer for Endurance

As we discussed in the “Physical Training Series’ one of the most effective ways to develop a physically fit body is through hard work and manual labor. With this in mind, an athlete should...

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Beat the Streak with MaxBP

Back on August 3, I began my improbable run at a hallowed American sports record - Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hit streak. Granted, my steak is a little different than Mr. DiMaggio's famous run back in...

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Physical Training, Part II - Modern Day Technology and Sports Science

It’s an exciting time to be an athlete. The 21st century provides an athlete with unlimited amounts of information - including drills, fundamentals and exercises from the past and present. Today’s...

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Physical Training, Part I - History, Pioneers and Manual Labor

Back in the old school days, before athletes were making millions of dollars, players would often have manual labor jobs in the off season. These jobs were productive in multiple facets. They...

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Soft Toss a Great Way to Go with the Pitch

The next time you are participating in some soft toss drills with a training partner, try this particular drill to mix it up. Instead of the traditional soft toss from the side, have the “tosser”...

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Freedom to Swing at Everything

What if I told you about a drill that required a hitter to swing at absolutely everything and it didn’t matter if they made contact or not? Sounds a little unorthodox? Well consider what Hall of...

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Build Stamina & Bat Speed with MaxBP

Baseball and softball don’t get much recognition for being endurance sports. They don’t require the amount of running that other sports do, and over the years there have been countless ballplayers...

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Stayin' Alive! The Art of Fouling Off Pitches - with Brandon Belt

It was one of those beautiful moments in baseball - when all you could do was laugh. The announcers, the capacity crowd and both dugouts. Next the players on the field covered their smiling faces...

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