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Misconception - A Strikeout is the Worst Outcome in an At-Bat

Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a batter’s box understands the feeling. Striding to the plate in front of a crowd of people, mostly strangers, can be a nerve wracking experience to say the...

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How Nationals’ Phenom Juan Soto Adjusts in a Two-Strike Count

Amidst the madness that was Game 6 of the 2019 World Series last night, Fox broadcaster John Smoltz broke down an intriguing aspect of Washington outfielder Juan Soto’s swing - the way he adjusts...

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Slump Buster - Contribute

The most organic way to bust out of a slump is quite simple - stop worrying about yourself, put the team first and find a way to contribute. No matter the athletic activity, there is a ton of...

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Slump Buster - Focus on the Little Things

Many times a slump has nothing to do with a major mechanical flaw and more to do with a minute detail or lack of focus. A great way to regain that undivided attention is by challenging the eyes to...

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Slump Buster - Very Superstitious

The slump is a peculiar thing, it comes and goes like the seasonal flu bug. No matter how many preventative measures an athlete takes, the slump rears its ugly head and knocks them straight on...

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Slump Buster - Don’t Dwell on the Past

One of the most difficult things about working through a slump is keeping a positive attitude. The ability to maintain a strong mindset during times of struggle is a challenge, but it’s a battle...

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Slump Buster - Go Wide!

Any athlete who has spent a significant amount of time in their respective sport has endured the dreaded slump. It’s inevitably part of the game. The key is limiting those frustrating times and...

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