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Top 10 Reasons for Coaches to Utilize MaxBP

Coaches around the country are preparing for a new decade with their athletes - it's an exciting time and the competition is tougher than ever. It's time to stay ahead of the game and implement...

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Simulating Gerrit Cole's $324 Million Arm on the MaxBP

The New York Yankees have rocked the baseball world by signing former Houston Astros' ace Gerrit Cole to a 9-year, $324 Million contract - a $36 Million annual salary. Cole was the prized free...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Cover the Needs of Multiple Athletes

Do you have athletes in your household who play a number of different sports? Baseball? Softball? Hockey? Lacrosse? Cricket? MaxBP Reaction Training works wonders for athletes participating in...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Unlimited Repetition

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of time and dedication for an athlete to set themselves apart from the competition. In this day and age, the chase for a college scholarship or professional...

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Misconception - It’s Okay to be Off Balance after Contact

The “Bad Ball Hitter” is often romanticized in the game of baseball. Past and present players like Vladimir Guerrero and Pablo Sandoval are celebrated for their ability to barrel pitches that are...

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Don't Reinvent the Wheel - Barry Bonds

From the time Barry Bonds was a young boy, hanging around the Candlestick Park Clubhouse with his father Bobby, his godfather Willie Mays and Hall of Famer Willie McCovey - Bonds seemed destined...

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Winter is Coming - Benefits of Indoor Training

Halloween has passed, the pumpkins have been smashed, and the weather has turned. Depending on one’s location, it’s tough to make progress during the winter months - Mother Nature holds no...

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Simulating the Velocity of Mets’ Legend Sidd Finch on a MaxBP

On April 1, 1985, Sports Illustrated featured an article in their magazine titled, “The Curious Case of Sidd Finch,” a story about an unknown baseball phenom with an unusual past.

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Mental Training, Part I - Confidence, Toughness and a Plan of Attack

Success on the diamond begins between the ears. If a hitter believes they will fail, they’re correct. If they think they will succeed, then they have a chance. Do you think Ronald Acuna Jr. lacks...

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Develop a Soft, Fine Focus - Like Cosmo Kramer

The role the eyes play in hitting a baseball is instrumental to a player’s success. Athletes who embrace the concept of vision training and put in the necessary work, will discover that this drill...

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Father and Sons bond with Cricket, MaxBP

When you speak to Dr. Fawad J. Khan, M.D. about his experience of playing youth cricket in Pakistan, elation in his voice is quite noticeable.

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Denton Family Spreads the MaxBP Love in Peoria, AZ

Sometimes Nate Denton has to pinch himself. Not only because he lives a blessed life with his wife Erin and their three children - Brandon (14), Brooke (11) and Patrick (8) - but also because of...

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Vision Training, Part II - Modern Day Technology, Slow the Game Down and Ryan Harrison

Think about the instrumental part our eyes play in our ability to perform a task - in everyday life. Our eyes communicate with the brain, which communicates with the body. Without this ebb and...

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Pitch Recognition with MaxBP

The best hitters have the ability to recognize different pitches and deposit that pitch to their desired location. It all starts with having an idea at the plate and being disciplined enough to...

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Rear Toss Drill to Develop Patience

One of the most difficult concepts to teach a hitter is that of patience. Anyone who has ever stepped foot into the batter’s box knows it’s a pressure packed moment full of angst, excitement and...

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Soft Toss to Develop Opposite Field Hitting

Baseball is a game of precision and timing. Particularly for the person “under the microscope” - the hitter. One wasted movement, one split second, and the opportunity is lost. The best hitters...

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Foul Play - Not Always a Bad Thing

There are many things about baseball that I really appreciate, and like most lifelong fans, quite a few of those things are of the smaller variety. Hitting the cutoff man, breaking up a double...

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Soft Toss a Great Way to Go with the Pitch

The next time you are participating in some soft toss drills with a training partner, try this particular drill to mix it up. Instead of the traditional soft toss from the side, have the “tosser”...

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Freedom to Swing at Everything

What if I told you about a drill that required a hitter to swing at absolutely everything and it didn’t matter if they made contact or not? Sounds a little unorthodox? Well consider what Hall of...

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Don't Be Afraid of a Little Gas

Former Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams once said, “You have to hit the fastball to play in the big leagues.” Considering that the Splendid Splinter is viewed by many to be the best overall...

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Hitting is Like Life - Timing is Everything!

We've all had the experience of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Those moments in life when we have bad timing. Well, hitting is like life in that way because timing is everything!...

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Stayin' Alive! The Art of Fouling Off Pitches - with Brandon Belt

It was one of those beautiful moments in baseball - when all you could do was laugh. The announcers, the capacity crowd and both dugouts. Next the players on the field covered their smiling faces...

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The Epic 2019 HR Derby and How to Recreate it in Your Own Backyard

Best. Home Run Derby. Ever.

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New look Jays are all about the "VELO"

The Toronto Blue Jays have a new look these days. Gone are the mainstays of yesteryear as the Jays have opted to go with a youth movement and a different approach in their game preparation.

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The Best Remedy for the Injury Bug

Every year thousands of athletes around the world are hurt playing the sport they love. This is an unfortunate truth about athletics, injuries do occur. However, with modern day science and...

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What MaxBP Customers Are Saying

"I watched helplessly from the first base coaches box and could see the pain, frustration, and total dejection on my son's face as he walked back to the dugout after yet another strikeout.
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Training Drills at Extra Innings in Sarasota, FL

Coach Matt Kutt visited Extra Innings, an indoor baseball & softball facility for players of all ages, to check out how they’re using MaxBP reaction training tools to help their players hone in on...

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MaxBP Drill of the Week: Track & Decide

MaxBP Reaction Training Drill – “Track & Decide”

In this video, Ryan Harrison with SlowTheGameDown demonstrates the value of using the MaxBP pitching machine for the “Track & Decide” training...

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MaxBP Drill of the Week: React & Track

MaxBP Reaction Training Drill – “React & Track” (Catcher’s Drill)

The value of the MaxBP machine is found in increasing your reaction timing. It can increase your hand-eye coordination, pitch...

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MaxBP Drill of the Week: Track & Catch

MaxBP Reaction Training Drill - Track & Catch [VIDEO]

Improved reaction timing is established with the use of the MaxBP pitching machine. It will improve your overall hand-eye coordination as well...

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