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Misconception - Practice Makes Perfect

When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough to attend a few sports camps during the summer - football, basketball and baseball - most of which were held at Shasta College in Redding, California.

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Misconception - A Hitter Should Only Think About Their Mechanics During Tee Work and Soft Toss Drills

When a batter steps up to the plate in a game, they should have a clear mind and only consider the task at hand - making solid contact with the ball. The previous at-bat, any miscues in the field...

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Misconception - Hit 'em Where They Ain't

The game of baseball has provided its fans with an abundance of quotes, phrases and mottos over the years. Most of these sayings meet the criteria for a decent laugh or smirk at the very least,...

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Misconception - A Strikeout is the Worst Outcome in an At-Bat

Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a batter’s box understands the feeling. Striding to the plate in front of a crowd of people, mostly strangers, can be a nerve wracking experience to say the...

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Misconception - Hitting is an Art, not a Science

There are a lot of interesting hitting theories out there, and while some are better than others, it’s safe to say that when it comes to batting - there is a great deal of individuality involved...

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Misconception - The Weight Room is the Best Place for a Hitter to Develop Power

It’s commonly believed that if athletes want to dominate in their respective sports, they should dedicate themselves to long hours in the weight room. After all, somebody who looks like Arnold...

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Misconception - Every Swing Should End with the Exact Same Finish

It is commonly believed that a hitter’s swing should conclude with the same finish every time. Whether a hitter completes their swing with a one-handed follow through, two-handed finish or...

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Misconception - The Key to a High Batting Average is the Ability to Hit the Curveball

Throughout different levels of competition there is a standard as to what is considered an elite batting average. At the high school level, the top prospects often hit around .500, in the...

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