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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall - Synchronizing the Hips

As we discussed in the Mirror, Mirror “Comfortable Hands” and “Find a Natural Stride” drills, an imperative component of the hitter’s approach is that they are comfortable. This is true for every...

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How Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Missed out on the $1 Million Prize

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. put on the most impressive display in the history of Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby on Monday Night. He was the talk of the event. He broke every record imaginable....

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The Epic 2019 HR Derby and How to Recreate it in Your Own Backyard

Best. Home Run Derby. Ever.

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The 2019 Home Run Derby - A history of the event and predictions for this year’s field

It’s an exciting time for Major League Baseball and it’s fans, as the home run ball is back and better than ever. As baseballs fly out of the 30 MLB Stadiums at an alarming rate, what better way...

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