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Top 10 Reasons for Parents to Invest in MaxBP

As we all prepare for a new decade, the 2020's, it's increasingly challenging to decipher which type of training is the most valuable for a developing athlete. Utilizing a small ball approach that...

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Why Should Parents Invest in MaxBP? Much Needed R&R

In a day and age where most families have dual income households, it can be a challenge for parents to get some peace and quiet after a hard day of work. This much needed rest and relaxation is...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Mental, Physical and Visual Training

Think about the instrumental part our mind, body and eyes play in our ability to perform a task - in everyday life. Our eyes communicate with the brain, which communicates with the body. Without...

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Why Train with MaxBP? No Transportation Needed

In this day and age, many families require dual incomes and both parents work. This makes it difficult for an aspiring athlete to get consistent training support and transportation from their...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Money doesn’t grow on trees! Most of us heard that phrase a number of times in our youth. It served as an effective way for a parent to encourage their child to be conscientious of their spending...

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Why Train with MaxBP? No Practice Partner Necessary

There is no denying the fact that baseball, softball, hockey, cricket and lacrosse are outstanding team sports. However, athletes who are involved in these athletic activities may be challenged...

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Why Train with MaxBP? Cover the Needs of Multiple Athletes

Do you have athletes in your household who play a number of different sports? Baseball? Softball? Hockey? Lacrosse? Cricket? MaxBP Reaction Training works wonders for athletes participating in...

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Misconception - It's Impossible to See the Bat Hit the Ball

When I was growing up playing ball in the ‘80s and ‘90s there were a number of common “nuggets” that the youth coaches bestowed upon us.

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Winter is Coming - Benefits of Indoor Training

Halloween has passed, the pumpkins have been smashed, and the weather has turned. Depending on one’s location, it’s tough to make progress during the winter months - Mother Nature holds no...

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Misconception - The Weight Room is the Best Place for a Hitter to Develop Power

It’s commonly believed that if athletes want to dominate in their respective sports, they should dedicate themselves to long hours in the weight room. After all, somebody who looks like Arnold...

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Push-ups for Upper Body Strength and Conditioning

The push-up is quite possibly the oldest workout in the history of mankind. The most tried and true of upper body workouts. If you close your eyes, it’s easy to imagine some jacked caveman busting...

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Popeye’s Puppet for Strength and Conditioning

A great way for an individual to develop the forearm strength and conditioning that is beneficial for all athletic activity is the Popeye’s Puppet workout.

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Sledgehammer for Endurance

As we discussed in the “Physical Training Series’ one of the most effective ways to develop a physically fit body is through hard work and manual labor. With this in mind, an athlete should...

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Sledgehammer for Strength

If you really want to impress your coaches and teammates, be the player who packs a sledgehammer in their bag. By utilizing the sledgehammer to perform some old school manual labor drills, you’ll...

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Slump Buster - Very Superstitious

The slump is a peculiar thing, it comes and goes like the seasonal flu bug. No matter how many preventative measures an athlete takes, the slump rears its ugly head and knocks them straight on...

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From the White Lines to the Blue Line - The fascinating history of hockey players on the diamond

When most people think of multi-sport athletes, they think of the traditional combinations of baseball and football - Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and more recently Kyler Murray. Perhaps even...

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