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Say What? Driving Lessons with Dodgers' Legend Tommy Lasorda

Former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda was known for his fiery personality, candid opinions and a winning brand. Often referred to as “The Godfather,” Lasorda is beloved in Los Angeles...

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Misconception - Hit 'em Where They Ain't

The game of baseball has provided its fans with an abundance of quotes, phrases and mottos over the years. Most of these sayings meet the criteria for a decent laugh or smirk at the very least,...

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The Scariest Hitters of All-Time - Part 2

Yesterday, we introduced Major League Baseball's Scariest Hitters of All-Time with the honorable mentions and #6-10 on our list. Today, we'll present our Top 5!

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The Scariest Hitters of All-Time - Part 1

The Major League Baseball season came to an end last night with the Nationals securing the first World Series in the Nation’s Capital since 1924. As baseball enthusiasts endure the next five...

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How Nationals’ Phenom Juan Soto Adjusts in a Two-Strike Count

Amidst the madness that was Game 6 of the 2019 World Series last night, Fox broadcaster John Smoltz broke down an intriguing aspect of Washington outfielder Juan Soto’s swing - the way he adjusts...

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Yaz 2.0? Giants Rookie Homers in Fenway Debut

On Tuesday night, a Yastrzemski roamed the outfield at Fenway Park for the first time since October 2, 1983. Mike Yastrzemski, the grandson of Red Sox Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, started in...

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The 2019 Hall of Fame of Class - Legends, Longevity and Popularity

A new group of ballplayers were enshrined into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. An impressive collection of athletes that played the game “the right way” and were rewarded for it.

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